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What to Know About Basic Power of Attorney Requirements in Michigan?

There are no standardized forms currently recognized by the Michigan legislature regarding power of attorney requirements in the state, but it is still important to schedule a consultation with an experienced and trusted estate planning lawyer to determine what is most appropriate for you. This article contains some basic information about how financial power of attorney works.

A financial power of attorney in Michigan is a legal document through which the principal, who is the person creating it, gives another person authority to act on the principal’s behalf in certain kinds of financial measures. Power of attorney documents like this can be especially helpful if you are not present to take care of a financial matter or if you have another person in your life who you trust to make decisions about your finances for you. The Michigan power of attorney laws are documented in Chapter 700 of the Michigan Compiled Laws.

A Michigan financial power of attorney must be dated, signed by the principal or notary public on behalf of the principal and either acknowledged before a notary public or signed in the presence of two witnesses. Michigan allows for both springing power of attorneys which occur upon certain instances and durable power of attorneys. It is important to include the acknowledgement of the agent's responsibilities with regard to taking over the financial affairs of another person.

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