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If you become sick or disabled, either temporarily or permanently, who will make decisions for you? What you need to know about a Power of Attorney:


  • It allows you to appoint someone you trust to handle your affairs if you cannot do so. 

  • If you cannot pay bills, get records or make other decisions, your family will be prevented from helping you get medical treatment, pay doctors, or for Medicare.

  • Without a Power of Attorney, your family may have to file court proceedings seeking guardianship of the disabled person. This process can be very time consuming and expensive.  It forces you to play by the State’s rule book and instructions.  A Power of Attorney is your rule book and instructions for when you become incapacitated. 

  • It is important that you give your family the tools to help you if you cannot help yourself.

Chawla Legal Group provides clients with strategies and tools to meet their estate planning goals.  Register for an upcoming workshop or call to learn more.

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