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Disability and Special Needs Planning is used to protect individuals with disabilities or special needs, or family members with disabilities or special needs.  It is often the goal of the client to protect the assets of the individual with disabilities or special needs from creditors and predators while still allowing them to qualify for State assistance such as Medicaid. 


To accomplish the goals of protection of the individual, Powers of Attorney are put in place and often guardianship proceedings occur to maintain protective powers over minor children or family members as they approach the age of 18. 


To accomplish the goals of protecting the individual’s assets, Supplemental Needs Trusts are used.  These trusts allow for protection of the individual’s assets while allowing them access to luxuries they might not normally be able to afford.

Chawla Legal Group provides clients with strategies and tools to meet their estate planning goals.  Register for an upcoming workshop or call to learn more.

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