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Do I Really Need a Custom Estate Plan?

It’s hard enough to think about the documents and strategies for proper estate planning as it is, but when you’re finally ready to sit down and plan ahead, it’s tempting to use a copy/paste solution from an online form.

Spoiler alert: Not everything you find on the Internet is accurate. (I’ll pause while you digest that shocking fact.)

What worked for someone in Arkansas might not meet the legal requirements for a will or power of attorney in Michigan. And all too often, these mistakes are discovered after the fact when someone’s estate plan causes more chaos than clarity after they pass away.

While you might not need a comprehensive estate plan for a relatively small estate, you do need a custom estate plan based on your state, your property, your desires, and your beneficiaries.

One size does not fit all when it comes to your family. In our law office, we take the time to sit down with you and discuss your needs and common questions before putting together a plan. The goal is for you to leave the office with a clear understanding of what your plan does, how to change it, and why these strategies were chosen.

This peace of mind can be instrumental in helping your family members figure out next steps if something happens to you. Putting your plans in writing helps to provide guidance during a very challenging time for your loved ones. And you can’t afford to leave that to chance by downloading and filling out a form that might or not do what you think it does.

If you use an online form or template that isn’t accurate, is vague, or doesn’t comply with state laws, you can slow down the probate process and add more confusion and emotionally-charged conversations to the mix for your loved ones.

The good news is that kind of situation is avoidable. If you want to talk about what belongs in your custom estate plan, set up a time to speak with a Michigan estate planning lawyer today.

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