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COVID-19 Hospital Staff Offer!

Chawla Legal Group wants to help take care of all of those that are taking care of us. Whether you are a doctor, nurse, biller, doesn't matter. Show us your hospital ID and we will give you a FREE Base Will Plan.

This Base Will Plan includes:

- A Base Will (Outright beneficiary distributions with automatic Trusts set up for minors and people with disabilities or special needs)

- A General Power of Attorney (Name an agent to make legal/financial decisions for you)

- A Health Care Power of Attorney (Name an agent to make medical decisions for you)

This plan will allow you to select an agent to make legal/financial/medical decisions for you during your life. It will also instruct the court on how you want your affairs to be handled when you die.

Any additional services to meet your overall estate planning goals are discounted at 15%. This offer is good through the declaration of state of emergency.

All of our meetings (except those requiring witness and notary signatures) are done online via WebEx or Zoom meeting.

Call today to set up an appointment! 586-273-7157

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